Google Translator Did BTS’s Jimin Dirty…But It’s Not Wrong

This confusing translation got the message across, more or less.

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and incorrect Google translations.

Auto-translation services are supposed to help people communicate, but oftentimes they just make things complicated, confusing, and slightly disturbing.

Although Google translate has improved over the years, it still does BTS dirty on Twitter sometimes.

Jimin is the latest victim of Google’s wildin’. On July 26, he showed off his new hair. The caption is supposed to translate to, This was JiJinJung. Good night, I love you,” referring to BTS’s live broadcast. Google, however, decided to freak fans out with a weather report instead. 

It translated the caption to, “It was an earthquake well. Good night. Love it.” This is because “지진” (jijin) is the Korean word for “earthquake”. Whoops! Some fans were worried about a real earthquake…

…but others say the translation isn’t wrong, technically. Whenever Jimin posts, he shakes fans’ hearts and makes an impact, just like an earthquake!

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