Brave Girls’ Newest Commercial Receives Backlash For “Promoting” Late Work Nights

Netizens think the company crossed a line.

Brave Girls is making headlines once again but this time, it’s for something a little unexpected. The girl group has been on a roll with their popularity, as they dominate music charts with their comeback track “Chi Mat Ba Ram.” With their successful comeback, Brave Girls has also been dominating as advertisement models, as they recently shared that the group has filmed over 25 commercials within the last two months.

As they relish in their well-deserved popularity, however, the girls have become the center of surprising scrutiny — all because of one commercial.

Brave Girls’ advertisement for “Gujeon Nokyong.”

The members of Brave Girls recently filmed a commercial for a traditional Korean herbal medicine brand, Gujeon Nokyong. The herbal medicine is well-known for using deer antler extract, which is taken from one specific deer breed without harming the animal. Similarly to ginseng, the deer antler extract is used and consumed for health benefits, but is known to be much more expensive.

The girl group was selected to promote the brand’s newest pocket-sized herbal medicine packs, which is being advertised as an “on-the-go energy charge.”

| Gujeon Nokyong

The commercial starts off in an office setting, where a manager tells all of his employees that they will be required to work late into the evening. After the abrupt announcement, one male employee goes around exclaiming his love for “late work nights” and his company, which results in some angry stares from his co-workers.

The 4 members of Brave Girls enter when the other employees wonder why the male worker loves working late nights so much. To which, the girl group responds that it’s because he’s energized from his Gujeon Nokyong herbal drink.

“It’s because he ate his Gujeon Nokyong.”

And while the commercial looks like any other typical office commercial, it was this very part that has been making headlines for “promoting” unhealthy late night work environments.

“We love late work nights, we love our company.”

Netizens left their thoughts in the comment section of the video, with many of them expressing their frustrations towards the company about creating unrealistic fantasies about late work nights.

| YouTube

  • “I mean, if Brave Girls randomly appeared like that and encouraged us, late work nights could be enjoyable but…um….what were they thinking when they made this commercial? (Also, look at Brave Girls’ suits omg.)”
  • “Having Brave Girls deliver the message of typical corporate brats makes me feel strange…I am against this partnership.”
  • “Why would you make such an awful commercial with our pretty Brave Girls? This is a ridiculous commercial.”
  • “Were they sane when they made this commercial? How are they trying to laugh off late work nights.”
  • “I like Brave Girls but I don’t like the company and I dislike late work nights even more.”

| Gujeon Nokyong

You can check out Brave Girls’ commercial for Gujeon Nokyong down below.

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