“Not Like The Other Fans:” “The Simpsons” Playfully “Troll” BTS ARMY In The Show’s Latest Episode

“Omg we’re famous.”

BTS and their fans, ARMY, are continually mentioned in pop culture as the group further cement their status as global icons.


Recently, BTS were included in a Jeopardy! clue alongside GOT7. And we also reported on a list of global corporations that have essentially become BTS stan accounts, like Starbucks and Target.

And now BTS ARMY have been referenced on the popular long-running animated sitcom The Simpsons.

“The Simpsons” poster

BTS and ARMY have been mentioned in The Simpsons multiple times. In an episode from 2019, The Simpson family travels to Seoul, where a sign informing that “BTS will appear here today!” was on a fried chicken shop.

And there was an advertisement for a “BTS ARMY Recruiting Center.”

Another episode referencing BTS aired in 2021 as Cletus talked about BTS when Marge Simpson asked about his family.

Well, my family now is Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and all of them Mumfords…and everyone in BTS, except for Jungkook; he’s too pretty for my taste.

And now BTS ARMY have been referenced on The Simpsons again. During the episode, Lenny and Carl were discussing the toxicity that can occur with fandom culture.

You don’t know these fan armies. They’re all ruthless psychos.

— Lenny

| @TheSimpsons/Twitter 

Before Lenny quickly clarified that BTS ARMY are an “exception.”

Except for the BTS ARMY, who are just and pure of heart!

— Lenny

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The official The Simpsons Twitter account even dubbed BTS ARMY as “Not like other fans.”

Generally, ARMY were excited to have BTS again referenced in the iconic show, as it only demonstrates their tremendous global impact.

And even though the sarcasm was apparent, most fans found the joke amusing.

Joking that even ARMY “are famous.”

Ultimately, fans are hoping that the reference means there could be a BTS episode in the future, which V has actively spoken about his hope for.

Of course, it is worth noting that all fandoms are highly nuanced, and K-Pop fandoms have often been misconstrued in their depiction in media. Still, The Simpsons is known for its satirical humor, so ARMY are simply enjoying the joke.

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