BTS Open Up About Where They See Themselves In The Future

They once again reassured ARMY.

Although the initial announcement of BTS taking a “hiatus” after their release of the anthology album PROOF initially sent ARMY into a panic, the members and HYBE‘s CEO Park Jiwon himself denied any rumors about the hiatus and disbandment.

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Instead, going forward into BTS’s “Chapter 2,” the members will be prioritizing individual activities for a while, which does not mean that BTS are completely stopping group activities.

BTS is not even considering disbanding the team at all, and there is nothing going on regarding any process of disbanding the group.

BTS’s message of taking a break from group activities [to focus on individual activities] does not mean they will be completely stopping [group] activities. The scope of their activities will be carried out in a way that has more variety, as we plan to carry out both team activities and individual activities together. This will provide them the opportunity to leap forward and grow as artists.

[The plans for the individual activities] have already been set up or are currently in the works. They will be announced soon, and there will be a synergistic effect between the individual activities and the team activities.

In the case of group activities, activities for the PROOF album are already in full swing and additional group activities are in the process of being set up.

BTS has had long-term breaks in the past before, and through this period of individual activities, each member will be able to have their own break and individual activities.

Both the artist and the company aim to further establish BTS as a 21st century pop icon through the diversification of their activities.

-Park Jiwon

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

And in a recent question and answer interview, BTS once again shared that they plan to stay together as a group for a long time. Although they all gave different answers when asked to describe “BTS far in the future in seven words,” they all saw BTS as continuing to be an integral part of their life.

In the future, RM hopes that all the members will still be “pretty cool.”

I’ll go with ‘Pretty cool guys in their 30s.’ I hope BTS are just as cool in our 30s.



Jin saw them as being in their “chapter 3” far in the future.

‘Bangtan Middle-Aged and Seniors.’ We’ve been the Bangtan Boys and now we’re the Bangtan Adults. We’re going to age as we are so that’s my answer.


Jin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

Suga used the opportunity to reassure both BTS and ARMY that no matter what the future holds, “it will be okay.” And he affirms that his goal is to continue working “for as long as [they] can.”

‘Whatever happens, it will be okay.’ I don’t know what will happen but I just want us to do our work and be with our fans for as long as we can. Nothing else would really matter.


Suga | BANGTANTV/YouTube

J-Hope chose to reference Run BTS both for the familiarity and the incentive to keep pushing forward and moving ahead.

Okay. I’ll go with ‘Let’s go, run BTS.’ It’s very familiar yet has some weight to it. Because we’ve used this phrase for a long time and it’s a combination of words that really suit BTS so I think it’s a great title for us.


J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

Like Suga, Jimin also reassured ARMY that BTS’s future will be okay.

‘You don’t have to worry about us.’ I’m sure you’ll have a lot of concerns but you don’t have to worry.


Jimin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

V simply chose to share that no matter how old BTS get, they will “still enjoy youth.

‘Even if we’re old, we’re still young.’ Even when we age, we’ll still enjoy youth.



And Jungkook, who had been expecting the question, used their title track, “Yet To Come,” to promise that BTS will always have more moments to share with ARMY in the future.

I’ve been waiting for this. ‘Moment is yet to come.’ I’ll go with ‘Moment is yet to come.’


Jungkook | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

ARMY can be reassured that they have a long future with BTS and lots to look forward to.

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