BTS’s J-Hope Flusters Mang’s Artist With Compliments And Her Reaction Is All Of Us

We are totally living through her!

Recently, BTS‘s J-Hope did his best to show a new side of his BT21 character Mang. After taking off the mask, ARMYs are able to see Mang’s real face — and the final results are super cute!

Mang | @BT21_/Twitter

So far during the series “Inside Mang,” J-Hope has worked hard on Mang’s physical appearance. Since 50% of genetics come from your father, it’s only right that J-Hope makes Mang a little bit like him on the inside, too!

After giving Mang his iconic puffy cheeks, he considered what to fill them with — and joked that maybe it should be kimchi since he loves Korean food. However, he settled on something more abstract: Mang’s goals and dreams!

J-Hope also gave Mang the adorable ability of temporary flight which we’ve already seen a sneak peek of in a previous video.

As for secrets behind the mask, Mang can get tired sometimes. Just like J-Hope, mornings are the worst!

He also gave Mang a bunch of cute similarities to himself, such as not liking bugs and having an appreciation for aesthetically pleasing things, including a clean and organized room.

Of course, Mang has a heart-shaped smile that suddenly appears, just like J-Hope’s! Check out all of Mang’s adorable expressions.

Mangie is so cute🥹

Also just like J-Hope, Mang is very serious about work and has an adventurous side.

Asking the artist to create a focused version of Mang, he was immediately impressed with her skills (and understandably, made her a little shy with his compliments)!

JH: “Can you make one in an adventurous style? Being super focused. I want to see Mang focusing on something. Fighting!”

Artist: *Draws it*

JH: “I like it! How do you do this instantly? It’s really amazing! I guess that’s why this is your job, right?”

Artist: “I have to make a living!”

The compliments didn’t stop as she made a variety of expressions for Mang including some super cute shining eyes. J-Hope was truly impressed!

All artist ARMYs (adorably called “ARTMYs”) now know the way to impress J-Hope!

Thanks to the artist’s great work, Mang is just like J-Hope, inside and out! Check out more similarities they share below.

BTS’s J-Hope Is Just Like BT21 Mang — But Not In The Way You Might Think

Source: BT21/YouTube


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