BTS’s Jin Got Hilariously Savage With A Cameraman To Get His Way

Jin doesn’t follow what the agency says, especially on vacation.

Welcome to another exciting episode of Jin not following the rules!

From Bon Voyage to Run BTS!, BTS are used to interacting with their production staff while filming. In their new stay-cation show, In the SOOP, however, there’s supposed to be minimal contact between the members and staff.

Aside from following scheduled meal times, BTS are entirely responsible for planning their own activities at a lake house in the forest. Most of the action is filmed with motion sensor cameras rather than staff members.

As usual, the rules didn’t apply to Jin in Episode 1. After struggling to reel in fish…

…Jin reached out to a cameraman for help, bribing him with love.

When that didn’t work, Jin threatened him with baldness!

Viewers loved this hilarious interaction so much that “bald cameraman” became a top trending topic in Korea.

It wasn’t smooth sailing for the king of fishing in this episode, but hopefully Jin will have better luck in the next one!

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