BTS’s Jin Admits To A Long-Held Wish In A Now-Deleted Post

ARMY would love to see it come true.

BTS‘s Jin has proven time and time again that he’s capable of everything from his phenomenal ability as a performer to his incredible acting skills and even his talent in athletics.

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The idol even recently collaborated with Nexon, working with them on his favorite game, MapleStory.

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And, of course, fans couldn’t be more excited about his upcoming single, “The Astronaut,” and his performance at Coldplay‘s world tour concert in Argentina on October 28.


Since his debut, Jin has always brought his excellent acting to different commercials, including multiple fried chicken advertisements.

Recently, the idol talked to ARMY on Weverse, showing his true character as he opened up about why he chose to leave the Argentina airport through a private exit and playfully joked about RJ’s busy schedules.

In a now-deleted post, Jin also replied to one ARMY, talking about a wish he’s had since debut. According to his reply, Jin has always wanted to film a commercial for the same-name ramen brand.

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My wish after debuting was filming a Jin Ramen commercial..

And not surprisingly, many ARMYs have also been hoping for this collaboration for a long time.

And while it’s unclear why the OP (original poster) deleted their post, which then deleted Jin’s comment, fans believe that it could be because of the mention of a brand name, which is something BTS have found entertaining ways of dealing with even recently.

Jin Ramen is already a well-loved ramen brand, but certainly, if the brand got Jin to advertise for them, it would become the next must-have item.

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