Jungkook’s Peak Visuals Wowed Fans At Incheon Airport

He trended worldwide after arriving for his flight.

BTS‘s Jungkook left no heart uncaptured at Incheon International Airport!


On the night of October 9 (KST), BTS boarded a 13-hour flight from Seoul to Riyadh. They will be holding their first-ever concert in Saudi Arabia at King Fahd International Stadium, on October 11.


After some speculation that he may have cut his long, beautiful hair, Jungkook proved these rumors false, just by showing up.


Jungkook’s hair continues to evade scissors, much to fans’ delight!


Fans also got a better look at Jungkook’s new ink. He has both “ARMY” and the fandom’s logo tattooed on his hand, as well as a “J” for BTS’s J-named members, a “V” for V, a heart, and more.


Ever since BTS went on vacation in August, fans haven’t seen or heard much from their favorite maknae, aside from a pre-birthday selfie, a few Weverse posts, and BTS’s returning home photos from New Zealand.


Nothing says “we missed you” quite like trending “JEON JUNGKOOK” worldwide!


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