BTS May Receive An Allowance For Their Military Service – Here’s Why Fans Are Unhappy

The timing seems too coincidental.

BTS‘s national military service has been a widely debated as a sensitive topic. On the one hand, BTS contributes significantly to South Korea’s economy and the continuation of the Hallyu Wave. On the other hand, BTS themselves have expressed their desire to serve the nation, and there are not currently any criteria in place for pop culture artists receiving exemptions.

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On August 1st, 2022, Lee Jong Sub, the Defense Minister of South Korea, spoke up about a special allowance that may be possible for BTS. While the allowance would still have the members fulfill their national service, it would also allow “for BTS to be given time to practice and perform overseas after they enlist.

While some fans are debating whether or not this possible compromise would overwork BTS to an unfair extent…

More fans are voicing their frustration with the timing of this important announcement. Although the news is understandably a highly-discussed topic, fans are pointing out that the release of the information negatively coincides with J-Hope‘s showstopping Lollapalooza performance.

The talented idol made history as he headlined the music festival, but, as fans are pointing out, news outlets are focusing on the military news and not on celebrating J-Hope’s accomplishments.

Fans are disappointed with the comparison in coverage between the possible military service allowance and J-Hope’s record-breaking achievements.

Fans are also upset that news outlets capitalizing on BTS’s success without actually supporting the global icons have seemingly become a never-ending pattern.

Other fans are pointing out that besides even J-Hope’s incredible accomplishments, BTS also has a lot of other newsworthy topics that the news could be prioritizing. But instead, all the focus is on the possible allowance.

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