BTS Reveal What Kind Of A Family They’d Be If They Were Actually Related

They would be one big special family.

For the eighth volume of BTS’s Japan Fanclub magazine, the members covered a variety of different topics from Jungkook’s wish to perform together forever, creating imaginary islands for ARMYs, daily routines, and more.

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For the ‘All the members special interview’ section, the members expressed when they felt that the group was special. They also revealed what type of family they would be if they were actually related.

Jimin felt that they would be a family that was close with one another.

Jin also expressed that they would probably be a family that loves to just stay at home.

Jungkook laughed at the thought that they would all just be peeling clementines together.

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Jin compared their vibe to that of Chuseok, a national Korean holiday where family members gather around to pay respects to their ancestors and eat a bunch of good food.

V commented that they would be a family where all the members were of similar age.

RM felt that they would be creating a new style of family where although they were not blood-related, they would be living life together as a family.

Although not blood-related, they have become closer and deeper than even most real families. The amount of time they spent together going through the ups and downs of life have made their bond stronger than ever, making BTS a new special kind of family.