BTS’s RM-Created Character KOYA Is The Beyoncé Of BT21 — Here’s Proof

KOYA is a UNIVERSTAR after all!

BTS‘s leader RM is well-loved by everyone, his members, ARMY, and other celebrities.

BTS’s RM | Naver x Dispatch

Recently, music artist and TikToker Bella Poarch revealed that RM is actually her celebrity crush! We can’t blame her, honestly.


How strong is your pause game?😅#greenscreen

♬ original sound – 🍒

Not only that, but even Lil Nas X, who has not only met the group but performed with them at the 2020 GRAMMY Awards, said that RM is his bias! Everyone loves him!

Lil Nas X performing with BTS at the 2020 GRAMMY Awards. | The Recording Academy 

Well, it looks like the LINE FRIENDS x BTS BT21 character KOYA, created by RM, takes after their dad!

It’s so often that celebrities are seen rocking KOYA merchandise. Who doesn’t love this sleepy nature-loving koala?


One of the most iconic and surprising KOYA appearances was at an Ariana Grande meet and greet. Long before the actress and singer ever had joined BTS at HYBE, a fan of both artists gave her a KOYA headband which she proudly accepted and wore. She even told her that she is an ARMY, saying she needs a BT21 headband!

Ariana Grande wearing a KOYA headband.

Of course, BTS’s bestie loves representing too! Halsey shared a photo on Instagram Stories, wearing a KOYA towel.

Halsey with her KOYA towel. | @iamhalsey/Instagram

It looks like the same kind that RM himself has too!

RM wearing KOYA towel. | BTS Bon Voyage

Most recently, their newest friend Megan Thee Stallion shared that she finally met the group after their “Butter” remix collab was released.

From left: V, Megan Thee Stallion, RM, Jungkook, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin. | @theestallion/Instagram

Additionally, she was gifted a “Baby KOYA” plush, and it even matched her nails! If this isn’t the cutest thing, what is?

Megan’s nails with KOYA plushie. | @theestallion/Instagram

She’s not the only one who lovers her KOYA plushie! At an event for Korean American beauty brand The Crème Shop‘s BT21 collection, Australian Rapper Iggy Azalea hugged her KOYA for photos.

Iggy Azalea at The Créme Shop’s BT21 event. | @TheCremeShop/Twitter

It’s no wonder that KOYA has been dubbed the Beyoncé of BT21 by ARMY! They are both ultra-famous, and no one doesn’t love them.

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Source: @theestallion