BTS’s Suga Didn’t Use To Want To Dance… But His Future Plans Might Shock Fans

PSY has promised to tease him.

PSY‘s latest comeback, “That That,” which was produced by and featured BTS‘s Suga, is taking the world by storm.

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In addition to the upbeat track and the high-energy music video that has fans theorizing…

ARMY Have The Best Theory To What’s Actually Happening In PSY And BTS Suga’s “That That”

Fans have really loved seeing the new friendship between PSY and Suga. In his press conference for the release of “That That,” PSY detailed just how meaningful it was for him to be able to work with Suga.

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And PSY and Suga also shared how easy the collaboration process was.

Suga: We made the guide vocals, and with it, I edited.

PSY: I wrote my part and sent it to Suga, and Suga took it.

Suga: Then I wrote my verse…

PSY: And just like table tennis, we went back and forth with ease.

And PSY even applauded Suga for his immense professionalism despite the cold weather for the music video filming.

But, fans were perhaps most entertained by how PSY “tricked” Suga into being more involved with the song than expected.

While Suga admitted that he usually doesn’t meet with artists he collaborates with, PSY took full advantage of slowly getting Suga involved in more than just producing “That That.”

Suga: But, hyung-nim wanted to see me in person…

PSY: And he ended up featuring on the track.

Suga: We communicated [back and forth] a lot.

PSY: Then he ended up learning the intense choreography.

Suga: I didn’t know I would end up dancing with hyung-nim.

PSY: And he ended up starring in the MV.

Fans were especially amused that PSY had “tricked” Suga into dancing with him since it felt eerily reminiscent of Suga’s complaint on the show Rookie King Channel BTS.

On the show, Suga explained that when he joined his company, CEO Bang Si Hyuk (known as Bang PD) had assured Suga that he would debut in a group where dancing wasn’t the focus.

And while Suga has become definitely talented at dance, constantly proving his skill with BTS’s difficult choreography…

PSY couldn’t resist teasing the idol in a behind-the-scenes video of the music video filming for “That That.” Telling Suga that he’ll “most definitely be dancing at the age of 40.”

PSY (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | officialpsy/YouTube 

“And on that day, [he’ll] tease [Suga]” for still having to dance.

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And Suga even accepts that he’ll be dancing in the future.

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As long as my body allows me to, I think I’d be dancing.


Since he plans to continue holding tours and concerts for ARMY, even when he’s in his 40s.

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Even at 40, I’ll have ot go on tour and perform at concerts.


Fans can certainly look forward to those future concerts and PSY staying true to his word and teasing Suga many years from now.

You can read more about the behind-the-scenes music video for “That That” here.

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