End Of An Era? ARMYs Urge Others To Stop Using “Yoongi, Marry Me,” But BTS’s Suga Might Feel Differently

To comment “Yoongi, marry me” or not to?

It’s the end of an era.

“Yoongi, marry me” has been an iconic meme and reoccurring joke in the K-Pop community, particularly the BTS fandom, ARMY, for a few years now.

For a while, the BTS members would read ARMYs’ comments for Suga, saying, “Yoongi, marry me,” regardless of whether he was present in the live broadcast.

From left: RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Jin, Jimin, and Suga | BTS/VLIVE

It quickly became a meme. Some would even comment the message in other artists’ live broadcasts and take signs reading “Yoongi, marry me” to events.

“Yoongi, Marry Me?” BTS’s Suga Seemingly Responds To The Iconic Meme At The “Devil’s Deal” VIP Premiere

ARMYs have theorized where the meme really originated from too. Some credit Suga himself…

“Yoongi, marry me” had become so popular that many ARMYs even joked they would wear wedding dresses as their concert fits for SUGA | AGUST ‘D-DAY’ TOUR.

But as with any joke, it can get stale.

Recently, both RM and V have called out commenters during their live broadcasts for cringy, unoriginal comments.

Similarly, Jungkook decided to stop reading comments during his most recent live broadcast.

ARMYs have been suspicious that one of the reasons for the members’ sudden disdain toward comments is spam-like comments, such as “Yoongi, marry me.” 

So, some have been encouraging their fellow ARMYs to give the joke a break. Others have even suggested Weverse Live needs moderators to clear the spam and inappropriate comments so that the members wouldn’t have to see such.

Some ARMYs have taken the matter into their own hands and reported “Yoongi, marry me,” causing it to vanish from the comments of the members’ recent live broadcasts.


thanks for reporting this😭😭 I feel like a proud mother y’all are changing slowly #agustd #yoongi #bts #haegum #jimin #namjoon #jin #taehyung #jungkook #jhope #hoseok

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Similarly, it’s been recommended that concert-goers swap out their “Yoongi, marry me” signs for meaningful messages for Suga, especially since his discography is so personal.

Regardless of all these efforts to retire “Yoongi, marry me,” does the man in question actually hold disdain for it? Quite the contrary.

Not only has Suga responded to the meme sweetly multiple times, but he recently revealed that he holds “Yoongi, marry me” in high regard. During Apple Music Present, he was asked what his “favorite or most memorable nickname” for himself was given to him by ARMY. Rather than choose a nickname, he mentioned, “Yoongi, marry me.”

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BTS’s Suga Might Have Actually Been The One Who Originated “Yoongi, Marry Me?”


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