Who Loves ARMY The Most? BTS Gets Hilariously Competitive On Zoom 

Who won?

BTS can turn anything into a competition, including their undying love for ARMY!

Recently, 200 lucky ARMYs attended four Zoom sessions with BTS in groups of 50. During this on-tact pajama party, BTS shared fun factsanswered questions, accepted marriage proposals, teased fans, and much more.


One fan unwittingly brought out BTS’s competitive side when they asked how many times the members think about ARMY each day. Suga was the first to answer, and he set the bar high. “About 360,000 times,” he said.


“Hyung, is that it?” Jungkook teased, adding fuel to the fire. Jungkook boasted that he thinks about ARMY “countless” times in a single day.

Jungkook | @NancyosakaB7/Twitter

Countless? Pfft. How vague! J-Hope gave an equally impressive but more specific answer. He said that he thinks about ARMY about a quadrillion times per day!

J-Hope | @NancyosakaB7/Twitter

Not to be outdone, V multiplied J-Hope’s answer by ten. That makes him the winner, right? Not on Jin‘s watch. Jin thinks about ARMY infinitely!

V | @NancyosakaB7/Twitter

How about Jimin? He thinks about ARMY just once per day, but that’s more than enough because he never takes a break!

Jimin | @NancyosakaB7/Twitter

As for RM, he didn’t participate in the competition…this time.

RM | @BTSAmricaLatin1/Twitter

In conclusion, BTS thinks about ARMY constantly, and between seven members, that’s a whole lot of love for fans to receive!

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