C-JeS Entertainment Removes All Affiliation To Park Yoochun

His profile has already been deleted.

Not long after C-JeS Entertainment announced the termination of Park Yoochun‘s contract, the agency has been removing all affiliations to him.

On the morning of April 24, C-JeS Entertainment announced their decision to terminate their contract with Park Yoochun in light of recent events.


Park Yoochun’s profile has since been removed from their official website. Until recently, JYJ‘s profile remained on the top of the C-JeS Artists list. Currently, Choi Min Sik is the first artist to be listed followed by Seol Kyung Gu, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu.


Moreover, C-JeS is no longer listed as his agency on various web portals.


Park Yoochun became a suspect in Hwang Hana‘s drug case after she accused him of using methamphetamine, or Philopon, with her. And despite the fact that he held a press conference denying all accusations of drug use, the police found substantial evidence that he used drugs with Hwang Hana and eventually filed for a pre-trial arrest warrant.


It was later revealed that Park Yoochun tested positive for drug use, which is what ultimately fueled the police to file the arrest warrant.




Source: Money S

Park Yoochun vs. Hwang Hana's Scandal

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