Police Find Substantial Evidence That Park Yoochun Used Drugs With Hwang Hana

He is banned from leaving the country.

Police reportedly obtained testimony from Hwang Hana that Park Yoochun and she used drugs together two to three times since the beginning of this year alone. Despite their separation back in May 2018, they continued to meet frequently.

With her testimony, the police began an in-depth investigation into her claims and discovered substantial evidence that proved Park Yoochun had also used illegal drugs. The police have forwarded the case to prosecution and plan to summon him for an interrogation early next week.

Park Yoochun has officially been banned from leaving the country due to his possible involvement. The police are currently searching Park Yoochun’s call history and CCTV for more evidence.

Mere two days ago, Park Yoochun held a press conference to deny all allegations that he was connected to Hwang Hana’s drug scandal. He claimed he has never used drugs before and is not the celebrity that she claims “forced” her to use drugs. The police previously confirmed that Hwang Hana did not identify the celebrity friend, but she later reported that that the friend was indeed Park Yoochun.

Park Yoochun vs. Hwang Hana's Scandal