Police Address Rumors That JYJ’s Park Yoochun Is Hwang Hana’s Celebrity Friend “A”

Wild rumors claim Park Yoochun “forced” Hwang Hana to use drugs.

Hwang Hana revealed that she had stopped using illegal drugs until a celebrity friend, referred to as “A”, “forced” her to take meth again. As netizens began to hunt down clues to uncover A’s identity, many pointed fingers at JYJ‘s Park Yoochun, her former fiancé.

The rumors ran rampant as news reports claimed that they contacted the agency of the alleged celebrity, confirming that the celebrity’s identity had been leaked.

However, the police decided to make an official announcement regarding the rumors pointed at Park Yoochun. They explained that Hwang Hana never named her celebrity friend, so it is impossible to accurately confirm who it is yet. They also haven’t been in contact with Park Yoochun and his agency as they have no reason to.

As of now, the only scenario where they would question him is if he decided to voluntarily come to the police station to report his position.

“Hwang Hana never revealed the identity of celebrity ‘A’, so we can’t even confirm who it is.

We never contacted Park Yoochun. We did not contact Park Yoochun’s agency for our investigations into celebrity ‘A’. We will only investigate him if he chooses to voluntarily come to the station to schedule an investigation.”

— Police

Park Yoochun also held a press conference where he firmly denied accusations that he is celebrity “A” or that he’s ever used drugs with Hwang Hana.

Park Yoochun vs. Hwang Hana's Scandal