Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Notice A Touching Detail About BTS Jin’s Recent Airport Fashion

Fans quickly realized why his outfit looked so familiar.

BTS‘s Jin recently returned from Argentina, where he made his emotional solo debut with his new song “The Astronaut” at Coldplay‘s concert, stealing the hearts of fans who attended the show.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Jin mesmerized fans with his performance of “The Astronaut” at Coldplay’s 2022-2023 Music of the Spheres World Tour concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The BTS member, accompanied by the famous British rock band that co-wrote the song specifically for Jin, appeared to have the time of his life on stage.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin (left) and BTS’s Jin (right) | @tim_toda/Instagram

Jin brought a few mementos from home for his performance abroad. He brought his new plush character, Wootteo, hilariously explaining to fans that his usual travel companion, BT21 RJ, was “too famous” to accompany him this time.

He also brought his beloved pink microphone, which was repaired just in time for his special solo debut performance.

BTS’s Jin holding his iconic pink microphone (left) with Coldplay’s Chris Martin (right) during concert rehearsals | @RollingStone/Twitter

Eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed another special item that Jin brought from Korea: the shirt he wore during one of his rehearsals with Coldplay.

It turns out it wasn’t the first time Jin was spotted in the plaid Off-White designer shirt; he had also worn it in April 2019 on the way to film for KBS‘s Music Bank.

At the time, BTS was promoting their single “Boy With Luv.”

BTS’s Jin in April 2019


That wasn’t the only reason his fashion choice was touching; BTS’s Suga also wore the Off-White shirt in 2019 while filming episode 75 of Run! BTS.

BTS’s Suga in 2019

Even though Jin flexed in a recently released interview with GQ that he spends his hard-earned money on designer clothes, his frequent reuse of many items he wears proves he’s still a frugal king.

My fashion philosophy is that if you spent money on clothes, make sure it has a big brand logo on it. Because then it’s clear that you spent money.

—Jin, GQ

Jin further showcased this fact when he was spotted wearing the shirt again at Incheon Airport on October 31; this time, he paired it with the same, or a similar, Louis Vuitton bag that he was spotted wearing with the shirt in April 2019.

BTS’s Jin at Incheon Airport on October 31, 2022

Fans praised Jin’s sustainable fashion choices, as he’s known to thoughtfully recycle many of his clothing items.

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