eaJ Opens Up About Being “Canceled”

He reflected on the “craziest year of his life” in his new Mindset collection.

It’s been quite the year for eaJ (also known as Jae Park or DAY6‘s Jae).

eaJ | @100Thieves/Twitter

He officially departed from JYP Entertainment and has been on hiatus from DAY6.

Hello My Day.

I am sincerely grateful for everyone who has been with DAY6 and me. For the past six years, I have had a very happy time and made memories that will last forever with me. I have had a lot of thoughts and ideas, and put in a lot of work, but I am still lacking in many ways, so I can’t stay where I am right now.

After discussing with JYP, I am sorry to tell you that we have made the decision for me to take a break from DAY6’s activities for the time being. I will cherish the memories, from the sweat and journeys together to the crying and rejoice that we felt for the past six years. and will return more improved. This has been DAY6’s Jae.

Thank you!

— eaJ

He also has since moved back to the United States.

It was rough at times, but I think I got a lot more of the happy moments. Thanks for that! Goodbye!

— eaJ

He has started releasing new music as eaJ, which he previously teased as 88rising‘s 2021 Head in the Clouds festival.

While he has accomplished a lot already in 2022, eaJ has not been free from some major downs.

| @eaJPark/Twitter

Actually, eaJ has been under many controversies, especially after making a “derogatory remark” about former labelmate and friend JAMIE during one of his Twitch live streams. He has since apologized to both MyDays (fans of DAY6) and JAMIE personally, and according to JAMIE herself, the two have also “talked it out.”

While the two may have reconciled, eaJ had officially become “canceled” in the eyes of many netizens.

| eaJParkOfficial/Twitch

Now, eaJ is opening up about the past year in Season 2 of his DIVE StudiosMindset collection.

It’s been the craziest year of my life.

— eaJ

| Mindset by DIVE Studios/YouTube

Two of the biggest highlights include eaJ’s departure from JYP Entertainment and, unfortunately, “cancelation” following his controversial remarks.

I left JYP, I got canceled a few times.

— eaJ

| Mindset by DIVE Studios/YouTube

He recognized that many people have come to know him for those things more than anything else, and eaJ referred to his mistake as “one of the biggest f*ckups of his life.”

Unfortunately, it’s what a lot of people know me for. And that might have been one of the biggest f*ckups of my life.

— eaJ

| Mindset by DIVE Studios/YouTube

In the trailer for Season 2 of his new Mindset collection, he shared what listeners can expect. In doing so, eaJ also opened up about his biggest insecurities.

When I did my first Mindset Collection, I was still figuring out how to be better mentally. I still am worried that, I, as a person, as Jae, as eaJ, am not good enough.

— eaJ

| Mindset by DIVE Studios/YouTube

He explained that the stagename “eaJ” was actually born out of feelings of lostness. So, he has been on a journey of self-discovery.

I originally created this persona because I had found myself lost. eaJ became an experimenting playground for that. In my second Mindset Collection, I’m opening up a new and different side of me. If last time was about my mental health, this time it’s about my struggles to accept myself.

— eaJ

| Mindset by DIVE Studios/YouTube

And, of course, most of all, eaJ has acknowledged his past mistakes and is owning up to them. He hopes to do right ultimately.

There have been a lot of people that I’ve hurt… There have been a lot of misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, I just always want to do the right thing.

— eaJ

| Mindset by DIVE Studios/YouTube

To hear more of eaJ’s story, you can download the Mindset app for free; it is available for Android and iOS.

In this nine-part audio series, eaJ opens up about life after leaving JYP, the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, how he deals with anxiety and self-doubt, and the highs and lows of his life since he recorded his last Mindset Collection. Become a Mindset Member and listen to eaJ’s stories now – only on the Mindset app.

— eaJ

Season 1 of eaJ’s Mindset collection is available now, and Season 2 will release on May 24. While there are free episodes to listen to, you can have full access to eaJ and all artists’ collections for $12 USD for an entire year.

Previously, eaJ addressed his controversies in a Twitch live stream. Read more below:

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Source: Mindset by DIVE Studios

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