EXID Hani’s Agency Clarifies That Her Statement About Her Love Life Was Misinterpreted

Hani confessed that there’s someone she loves currently on a recent radio show appearance.

EXID‘s Hani recently appeared on SBS Power FM’s Kim Young Chul’s Power FM where she made a statement that gained attention on the internet.

When asked if there’s someone she loves currently, Hani answered, “Yes, there is.

As a result, many took it as a hint that Hani is dating, but her agency, Sublime Artist Agencyclarified through News1 that her statement was misinterpreted.

She was not referring to her dating life.

— Sublime Artist Agency

According to the agency, when Hani confessed to loving someone at the moment, she actually meant it in a different sense.

She was supporting her previous statement, ‘I want to become someone who loves more.’

— Sublime Artist Agency

During her chat about love on the radio show, Hani even expressed her opinion regarding dating younger men.

I’ve never dated younger men before, so I’m curious. Age is just a number. As for how much of an age gap I can live with, I’ll just say no comment.

— Hani

She also expressed her desire to love more in a variety of ways.

I want to become someone who loves more. I want to become someone who loves my fans, myself, the world, and other people.

— Hani


Whatever the status of her love life may be, here’s hoping Hani fills her life with the kind of love she wants!

Source: Insight


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