Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Has Rejected A Formal Police Investigation Into The Bullying She Got During AOA

She did not want an investigation.

Kwon Mina has personally rejected a formal police investigation into the bullying she was a victim of during her time in AOA.

According to an exclusive report from Joongang Ilbo on August 13, the Gangnam Police Station started a preliminary internal investigation into the bullying Kwon Mina was a victim of while she was in AOA. The report stated that a complaint was sent into the police station on the 10th to investigate the case, and the complaint was sent by a longtime fan of AOA.

Because the complaint was sent in by a fan, it was unknown whether the investigation would proceed normally. During the investigation, the victim would have to appear to talk with the detective in charge, but it was made known that both Kwon Mina and her agency, Woori Actors, staff were hesitating to appear, as they did not want the case to become even bigger than it already is. The detective in charge was able to talk to an agency staff recently, but not Kwon Mina herself.

It was later confirmed by Woori Actors that the formal investigation was rejected.

Kwon Mina and our agency have already refused to have the case investigated.

The person directly involved does not want the investigation to proceed. She is currently in an unstable condition, but does not wish for the case to continue to grow bigger.

— Woori Actors

Source: Joongang Ilbo and Xportnews

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