Former AOA’s Mina Rebukes Netizens That Accused Her Of Causing Chanmi’s Depression And More

She fights back against netizens.

Following her previous series of exposé posts, former AOA‘s Mina continued to update her Instagram with regards to the matter. After her exposés on May 1 and 2, 2021, the posts were uploaded onto community forum sites. It seems that Mina had chanced upon them, as she responded via a post with screenshots of the comments attached.

The comments had blamed Mina for Chanmi‘s depression which went on for 7 years, as well as criticized Mina for turning the tables around when it was her that lacked persistence and effort. One particular comment Mina centered her response around was, “Seolhyun who dragged her unconscious body around to do group schedules vs. Mina who didn’t turn up to an agreed practice everyone scheduled in advance because of her hairline surgery and made the first move with self-harm, as she was scared of being scolded. If I was the leader too, I’d treat them both differently.

A comment also questioned Mina, for Mina claimed that she remembers everything clearly but allegedly repeats the same few stories each time. Another comment pointed out that Mina was not made an outcast as she herself admitted that the members would comfort her.

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Mina’s post can be read below.

She first rebukes the accusations made against her by netizens.

Wow, is this how people are going to react? This is cruel. Seven years of bullying? Depression? Literally a circus. She wouldn’t have been able to talk about it on broadcast if she were really scared and vulnerable. When have I ever talked about Shin Jimin on TV? You say I’m the one who started the pity party by hurting myself? Speak only after you’ve experienced 10 years (of torture).

Do you think I started hurting myself as soon as I entered the agency? And technically, it’s not self-harm, but suicide attempts. Unconsciousness? I’ve dealt with that way more. I still faint from the stress and depression, so my entire body is covered in bruises. And what, they comforted me? Do you think they were sincere? Even after reading everything I wrote? If only they didn’t comfort me, I would not have gotten my hopes up. Why didn’t they release statements?

I have been nothing but honest and I shared only according to what I experienced. The more I try to dredge up memories, the more I remember what Shin Jimin did to me. Really, I can only hope that people like you all could go through what I went through for ten years, with someone like Shin Jimin. But since that’s not possible, and so none of this feels personal to you, I’m the one who gets treated like a crazy person for writing these posts whenever things are about to be put to rest.

When victims recall and reveal more things they experienced, the public only grows exhausted and ends up telling the victims to take their medication. But look, if I could get better by medication, then I’d have gotten better already in the first place.

I have been taking medications consistently for the past 10 years and 2 more. Although I’ve heard that it seems like my body isn’t responding too well to the meds, I continue to have hope and still take them regularly. Because it’s not really your problem, it’s easy to say whatever about it. And I know these people have their own fanbases.

Those fans must hate me so much for continuously speaking about this. But I’m going to keep doing this because I was unable to receive either an apology or a proper conversation. I was unable to fight back and I had to take it all in, as unfair as that is. That period of time has resulted in not only my mental health being ruined, but also my mother’s. Do we live in a country where victims are criticized for speaking too much?

— Kwon Mina

Later on, she talks about her illness and current condition.

They’re not even lies though. I’m telling the truth, and only the parts which I remember. Have any of you been in my shoes, for all those years without ever knowing the reason? No, they would be able to empathize with me. Try to think about it as if it were something your family, your friend, or yourself had experienced. This really feels unfair. Why did I have to deal with such pain, for having met the wrong person? If you have not experienced this, if you weren’t there, if you didn’t witness or hear it personally, if you have not been in my skin, please don’t judge me.

Only those who have experienced something similar will know the truth. Don’t say I’m putting on a show by trying to take my own life. It is an act of desperation for some people. Have you ever tried stabbing your own wrist and considering if you should die or not, while crying? Have you ever popped so many pills, yet you’re still unable to sleep? And so you have to keep living with your soul so broken? Those people still appear in my dreams and drive me crazy. Don’t treat me like the perpetrator if you don’t know how I feel, just because I speak up about it a lot.

It’s because you haven’t experienced it that you’re unable to relate to it and believe what I say, yet you call me a mythomaniac. No wonder you can’t understand my anger. I kept it in like a r*tard. How did I even keep it in? I’m not going to hold back any longer though. Whether I get an apology or I fight or I get a chance to have a conversation, I’m not going to let myself be treated unfairly. If I hear anything ridiculous being said about me or if I see incorrect articles being published about me, I’m going to respond to them all. I will see to it that they admit I’m right.

Let me reiterate, I’m not the crazy one here. It’s her. The girl who took out her anger on me for no reason. Shin Jimin, who can’t seem to admit the decade between us. And cervical dysplasia being related to sexual activity? Please go to the gynecologist and educate yourself about the causes and the malignant codes. I have information about it too. Stress is the cause. Does it sound like a sexually transmitted disease to you? Then what about the inexplicable seizures and fainting spells that I get? Are those also due to sexual activity?

— Kwon Mina

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Lastly, she asks the public to leave her alone if they are unable to understand her actions.

If you’re going to pick bones, be sure to pick all of them. You guys are really out here, typing away about other people’s businesses. No one else in my family is taking medications for mental health. Everyone has really strong mentalities and is able to cope with pain very well. But me, I take dozens of pills a day and yet I don’t feel a thing. Watching the other members, I thought, ‘Wow, people can live well without medications.’ And I wanted to be like the other members. I was so envious of them, that had I been treated like them, I would have renewed my contract without hesitation.

Say someone in your family, your sibling or maybe even your child, were treated like sh*t by this one person for 10 years. Even when they got themselves out of the situation, they did not receive any acknowledgment or apology. They now have to deal with the bullsh*t memories for the rest of their lives. So they’re angry and upset every day, crying and living in a totally unstable mindset, literally harming themselves every single day and trying to die by suicide.

They’re unable to sleep without medication and they can only keep writing these recollections of what happened because they feel like the world is so unfair. Would you still be able to tell them to stop putting on a show? Would you tell them that they look miserable and so they should stop? That you can’t believe them and that you’re sick of everything? Would you tell them to off themselves because they’re crazy? Or worse? If you or your family went through something like this, I mean.

Look, it’s not like I’ve been this way forever. Things only began blowing up when I turned 26 or 27. There’s a limit to how much human patience can withstand. If you can’t understand what other people go through, you should probably leave it alone and move on.

— Kwon Mina

FNC Entertainment nor Shin Jimin have not spoken up on the matter.

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