Goo Hye Sun Describes How She Felt About Dispatch and the Public’s Perception of Her During the Divorce Scandal

“People tend to trust what Dispatch reports, so there was no way for me to fight them.”

Goo Hye Sun recently spoke in her first broadcasted interview since her divorce scandal, where she opened up about her feelings about Dispatch’s reveal of the couple’s chat logs as well as the public’s perception of her following the reveal.

In an intimate interview on Sohee News, Goo Hye Sun described how she felt when her private chat logs were shared with Dispatch.

I didn’t know he would reveal our private chat logs with the media. So much happens between a married couple over the course of two years. Our fight when I couldn’t contact him for 2 months was all revealed on Dispatch.

– Goo Hye Sun

She then went on to explain how that completely changed the perception of the public.

If you just read those texts without knowing the context, it sounds like I was constantly harrassing him. They reported it so that the public would imagine it that way.

– Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun also added that she felt like she was powerless against Dispatch.

I thought, ‘I could never win against them.’ I felt betrayed. People tend to trust what Dispatch reports, so there was no way for me to fight them. I wasn’t in a place where I could say they were wrong. So it turned out the way they wanted. They got me to agree to the divorce and got the public to stand on their side through Dispatch.

– Goo Hye Sun

And Goo Hye Sun addressed the public’s perception that she didn’t want to divorce because of money, due to the disputes over housing, money, and compensation for housework that were revealed in the chat logs.

It wasn’t because of money. That was my way of saying I didn’t want a divorce. I didn’t mean I’d divorce him as long as he gave me the money.

– Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun described the whole scandal as a “nightmare” but added that she put the past behind her and that she’s focusing on moving ahead in her future.

First, I want to go back to school, and get ready for an exhibit. I want to start over in a new place, and if the opportunity to act comes, I’d like to do that as well. I think I could do a good job in an evil role since a devil came in and out through all this.

– Goo Hye Sun

Check out the full interview below:


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