Han Seo Hee Reveals The Last Text Messages She Received From Goo Hara

Goo Hara’s last words were heart-wrenching.

Han Seo Hee uploaded the last text messages that she shared with her close friend, Goo Hara.


In the message that was exchanged this past week, Han Seo Hee promises to pick Hara up from the airport so they can go to her house and talk. Hara sent an array of messages in order that clearly expressed her deep sadness.


Han Seo Hee revealed in the captions that they had made a promise, and she vows to keep it still. She also asked Hara to come visit her in her dream because she misses her dearly.

Do you remember what I said to you while holding your hand as you were arriving at the airport?

Let’s make sure to keep that promise. I’m going to get really mad if you don’t come visit me in my dream. PLease come. I have so much to say to you.

Hara, I love you. I’ll always love you.

— Han Seo Hee


Although Han Seo Hee and Goo Hara did not publicize their friendship much, Han Seo Hee revealed a series of photos that clearly showed that the two were close friends.

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After the news of Goo Hara’s passing, Han Seo Hee has been expressing her sadness through social media post. Other celebrities, such as T.O.P and Thomas McDonell, revealed the last messages they received from Goo Hara that showed her loving personality.

Prayers go out to Goo Hara and her many loved ones.

Goo Hara's Passing

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