Hwang Hana Reportedly Threatened Park Yoochun With Secret Photos She Took Of Him Nude

She allegedly took secret photos of him while he was sleeping naked.

JTBC’s Spotlight was able to interview a relative of JYJ‘s Park Yoochun, where he revealed that Hwang Hana would threaten him with secret photos after they broke up.

Left: Hwang Hana, Right: Park Yoochun’s drama scene


Apparently, Hwang Hana took photos of Yoochun while he was sleeping naked. She then used the photos to threaten Yoochun and his family members even after they broke up.

There was an incident that made me realize that Hwang Hana was conniving. She threatened Park Yoochun a lot.

She once sent me a photo of him that she took while he was sleeping naked. She told me, ‘Where is he? If you don’t find him for me within the next 5 minutes, I’m going to leak this photo.’

— Park Yoochun’s Relative


The relative claims the two began dating out of love but had a lot of issues together.

The two of them had a lot of issues together, but I think they had a relationship of love.

— Park Yoochun’s Relative


The relative also revealed that Park Yoochun continually insisted that he was innocent. He even reached out to a lab in the US to see if he could prove that he had drugs in his system because he had sex with Hwang Hana.

We’re going crazy too. He would grasp his hair and assert that he didn’t do it but I’m not sure. But he tested positive for drugs.

He even reached out to the US to see if there were cases where someone who had intercourse or lived with a drug user can test positive.

— Park Yoochun’s Relative


A representative of the National Institute of Scientific Investigation in Korea claimed that while it may be possible if the man used the drugs, it was difficult to say when it was the woman who used the drugs.

If the man used drugs and had sex with a woman, traces of drugs can be transferred through the semen. That has been confirmed, but this is a case where it’s switched. I think it’s difficult for [his statement] to be true.

— Kim Eun Mi


Despite Park Yoochun’s attempt to find a way out of being convicted for illegal drug use, he eventually caved and confessed to using multiple times.

Source: Dispatch

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