IU Didn’t Hesitate To Name Yeo Jin Goo As Her Ideal Type On “House On Wheels”

The topic was about marriage.

IU is the latest guest on House On Wheels, and she was asked by the cast members about her ideal type when she didn’t hesitate a moment before naming Yeo Jin Goo!

IU and Yeo Jin Goo were washing dishes together when Sung Dong Il came and asked if one of the three men were close to her ideal type.

You’re going to fall in love and get married one day. Of the three of us, who is the closest to your ideal type?

— Sung Dong Il

Before he could even finish his sentence, IU named “It’s Jin Goo! Jin Goo.

Jin Goo who was right next to IU burst out laughing, while IU kept her head down in a smile.

Comically heartbroken by IU’s quick response, Sung Dong Il pointed out that IU responded without needing a second to think. He mumbled, “I already knew… but how can she answer without even thinking for a second?

IU and Yeo Jin Goo became close friends after starring in Hotel Del Luna together. Fans loved to see the recent reunion and the sweet relationship between the two stars.

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Considering how close they are together and how attentive Yeo Jin Goo is to IU, many fans hope their friendship may blossom into something more!

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If these two certainly did decide to move their romance from on-screen to off-screen, they’d be one powerful visual couple!

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