Truth Behind BLACKPINK Jennie’s “The Idol” Casting Sparks Fierce Debate

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The truth behind BLACKPINK Jennie‘s The Idol casting has been met with mixed reactions.

On June 7, 10Asia reported that according to an insider, Jennie was the one who made the final decision on whether to appear in the controversial HBO series. The insider also alleged that Jennie was fully aware of her scenes when she made the decision.

Jennie met The Weeknd in person and was offered the role. She then expressed her desire to accept the role. She (Jennie) was aware of the roles and the scenes she would have to act out, and she stated that there was something that she wanted to express.

— Jennie

HBO’s The Idol has been at the center of controversy since its inception. The drama, which follows a budding pop star’s unhealthy relationship with a self-proclaimed guru, has been hit with allegations claiming it was exploitative and overtly sexualized women.

Lily Rose-Depp (left) plays a pop star who meets a guru played by The Weeknd (right) | HBO

Jennie’s scenes in the drama were equally a hot topic for debate among netizens, which some felt was too sexual.

Korean Netizens Defend BLACKPINK’s Jennie From Criticisms Of Her Appearance In HBO’s “The Idol”

Netizens had a mixed reaction to the revelation that Jennie was the one who made the final decision to appear in the drama. While some defended the idol, many criticized her choice for choosing the drama despite its overtly sexual scenes.

  • “Everyone, including The Weeknd, Rose-Depp, and the director, is being criticized globally. This drama’s issues are much deeper than its sexual themes, and because Jennie is famous in our country, there are people who are defending her. Even if she is just making a cameo, if she chose to appear after reading the synopsis, then she is also responsible. That is why actors need to choose their projects carefully.”
  • “She’s now a veteran in the industry, and just by looking at the way she dresses and her relationship, it’s obvious she doesn’t want her image to be that of an idol.”
  • “I am rooting for Jennie.”
  • “Why is the comments section so trashy? Regardless of whether it was her choice to appear or not, this (controversy) isn’t that deep.”
  • “I honestly was shocked after seeing the clips. Even if it was a sexy dance routine, it would be okay if it was tasteful, but the cinematography and the actors themselves scream B-list… Why in the world did she film this? I didn’t care for the plot and just wanted Jennie’s scenes to (not be controversial) but, sigh… I liked Jennie so much, so I am that much more disappointed. Why did she do it?”
  • “Which is more harmful? Jennie dancing to a sexy routine in a R-rated American drama, or people who made clips of only that scene and uploaded it everywhere so anyone can see?”
  • “Just looking at her outfits on tour, it seems she enjoys revealing her body and looking sexy… She’s an adult who made the choice to appear, so what can you do? Aren’t you guys criticizing her only because she’s a Korean idol?”
  • “She’s an adult and is a veteran, so don’t you think she made the decision knowing the influence it would have on society? Although it seems she’s made that decision while only considering herself. I think she’s planning on getting into Hollywood through this.”
  • “Jennie doesn’t need to be like other idols. Just let her do her. Why are you disappointed all the time? LOL.”
  • “You guys are making so much noise over nothing. I don’t understand you guys cursing her out and saying it’s the end for her because she filmed a sexy dance routine. You guys make it seem like she filmed a bed scene.”
  • “After reading this… I once thought Jennie was the biggest fashion icon, but she doesn’t seem hip anymore. Amazingly, her (cool) image has disappeared entirely.”

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Source: theqoo and 10asia

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