Kang Daniel Responds To LM Entertainment’s Offer To “Help” With His New Solo Agency

LM wants to work with KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT.

After Kang Daniel won his court case again LM Entertainment for violating his exclusive contract, he set up his own solo agency called KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT.

LM had filed an appeal to reverse the court’s decision but suddenly released a statement claiming that they would like to assist Kang Daniel with KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT.

Kang Daniel is able to promote in the entertainment industry without any disruption but our agency’s reputation that we’ve earned in the management business has received irreparable damage.

Many people believe that LM sold Kang Daniel’s contractual rights. A joint venture agreement with MMO is not a transfer of rights. If you look at all of the documents, it closely resembles an investment contract.

We are willing to look into ways in which we can work with KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT.

— LM Entertainment

However, Kang Daniel’s lawyer – as his representative – firmly denied their offer. They claimed that the trust between LM and Kang Daniel has already been broken so they have no interest in continuing a business relationship with LM.

As the trust between [LM and Kang Daniel] has already been broken, [Kang Daniel] has no intention of keeping his old contract. He had set up a solo agency as a result of this case.

[LM]’s claims to help with his promotions is a one-sided idea.

— Kang Daniel’s Lawyer

Kang Daniel has officially begun preparing for his solo debut. He set up his own agency, as well as KD Corporation. He also vowed to give his all in his official solo debut as his fans have waited for him for such a long time.

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment