“She’s Preparing Us For Something” — LOONA’s Hyunjin Expresses Her Gratitude For Orbits In A Heartfelt Update

She also showed “that LOONA is 12.”

On November 25, BlockBerry Creative announced that Chuu had been kicked out of LOONA for verbally abusing the staff. Staff members immediately came to Chuu’s defense, sharing their experiences with the idol.

Chuu | @chuuo3o/Instagram

LOONA have also continued to support Chuu, with Hyunjin having even worried fans that she might get in trouble for her candid messages. Chuu herself recently confirmed that she’s still in contact with the members.

Hyunjin | @hyunjinab/Instagram

Nine of the eleven members were also reported to be filing an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative. Although BlockBerry Creative denied the reports and quickly announced an upcoming comeback for the group, fans of LOONA rallied together to boycott the comeback, not wanting to support the company’s treatment of the members.

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The boycott has so far been a success, with BlockBerry Creative announcing on December 21 that they were postponing the comeback indefinitely. But fans are still continuing to boycott, not wanting BlockBerry Creative to profit from mistreating the members.

Recently Hyunjin seems to be showing her appreciation for fans supporting the members, taking to a messaging app to express her gratitude.


Because we have Orbit who’s energy drives us to move, we’re able to stand here today

— Hyunjin

Hyunjin also shared a picture of LOONA with her update.

| @loonaschedule/Twitter

Which fans quickly realized contained twelve hands and was from LOONA’s “Flip That” comeback, which had all twelve members actively promoting.

LOONA performing “Flip That” | @mbcplusm/Twitter
| @mbcplusm/Twitter

Fans were understandably emotional at the update. With some fans joking about having to count the number of hands multiple times just to make sure it was twelve.

Fans couldn’t be more grateful for Hyunjin’s candid updates for fans, once again proving that all twelve still support one another.

Some fans also believe that the update is likely a sign of news coming soon, possibly about LOONA’s disbandment, which fans have actually been hoping for. Although LOONA fans want to see their favorite group actively promoting together, as the boycott showed, they are most concerned about each member’s well-being. They don’t want them stuck under BlockBerry Creative any longer.

Of course, regardless of what happens, Hyunjin’s update proves to fans that all twelve idols will always be there to support each other.

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