Lovelyz’s Jin Apologizes For Q&A Video On Idols Dating And Deletes The Video

She received criticism due to issues of privacy.

Lovelyz‘s Jin recently uploaded a tell-all Q&A on idol life. She touched on many aspects of idol life, including their dating life. Jin spilled the beans on how idols meet and date. Unfortunately, her video rubbed some the wrong way, as netizens criticized her for invading the privacy of fellow idols.

Screenshot from the video. | theqoo

Jin ended up taking the video down and uploading an apology.

Jin’s apology. | @myungnee_/Instagram

Before uploading the Q&A video, I took questions through Instagram, and the most-asked question was about dating. This video was meant to help satiate the curiosity of many, and so, I thought that I had answered well while keeping in line. But I never thought that it would cause such misunderstandings and trouble. I did not think it through. Whether I meant it or not, it is definitely my fault for leaving cause for potentially negative interpretation. I’m sorry for causing trouble. I will delete the video. Once more, I apologize.

— Jin

Under the video, netizens were critical of her motives.

The video’s motive is so selfish. You’re still like this even if fans don’t like the topic of dating. Let’s not give harm to the other members.

— @user-wo2po8mw8u

| @myungnee_/Instagram

Jin calmly answered the negative feedback and uploaded the screenshot of the answer on her Instagram as further clarification as she deleted the original video.

I received questions before taking the video, and questions about dating were the most-received questions, so I had to answer it! We are all working hard in our respective positions. Of course, so am I, hehe. Please don’t look at me in too much of a negative light!

— Jin

On the other hand, others defended Jin’s video as the topic had already been breached countless times by other YouTubers and ex-idols.

Source: theqoo


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