MAMAMOO’s Solar Spoils “Running Man” Song Ji Hyo With Yet Another Thoughtful Gift

Does this mean they’re besties now?

Running Man‘s Song Ji Hyo was recently a hot topic of conversation after she bought MAMAMOO‘s Solar the same soundbar speakers that she failed to win on the show out of her own pocket.

| @solarsido/YouTube

And in return MAMAMOO’s Solar sent fruit baskets to the staff of Running Man, making fans fawn over their friendship even more.

| @sbs_runningman_sbs/Instagram

But it didn’t’ just end there. Solar sent a separate gift to Song Ji Hyo and it’s incredibly thoughtful, to say the least.

| @my_songjihyo/Instagram


Song Ji Hyo recently took to her Instagram account to share the generous gift Solar sent her along with the caption,

Solarshido’s Yongsun!!!

I didn’t even do that much for you… I was thankful for how much you thought about me. Thank you so much…

My amazing ‘dongsaeng’ Yongsun!!! I’m always cheering for you!!!

P.S. Copying Solarshido Yongsun’s pose

—Song Ji Hyo

| @my_songjihyo/Instagram

The photos show Song Ji Hyo posting with a gorgeous blue box as well as a card reading, “To Ji Hyo Unnie.

| @my_songjihyo/Instagram

And the present inside? It was a pair of running shoes fit for the Running Man queen.

| @my_songjihyo/Instagram

The continuation of Song Ji Hyo and Solar’s “sisterly” love has netizens showing their support with comments such as “That’s so nice to see“, “I feel excited just looking at the photos“, and “They’re my new favorite besties“.

| @my_songjihyo/Instagram

Who else is standing their sweet friendship?

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