MAMAMOO’s Solar Was So Touched By “Running Man” Song Ji Hyo’s Gift That She Sent Some Gifts Of Her Own

Solar paid Ji Hyo back for her touching gift.

The producers of SBS‘s Running Man took to their official Instagram page to reveal a photo along with the revelation that MAMAMOO‘s Solar expressed her gratitude in the form of a gift after Song Ji Hyo spent her own money to buy her the speakers that she failed to win during the show.


On a recent episode of Running Man, Song Ji Hyo and Solar were on the same show, and due to lack of personal points, Solar was unable to place first or second place, who received soundbar speakers as prices.

And Song Ji Hyo must’ve felt bad about it because Solar later revealed that her sweet “sunbae” sent her the exact same speakers to her agency.

| @solarsido/YouTube


Solar was so touched that she expressed her gratitude to Song Ji Hyo as well as the Running Man staff with a gift of her own.

The photo that the producers shared showed photos of fruit baskets with banners that read, “From the reaction girl. Thank you Running Man.

| @sbs_runningman_sbs/Instagram

And the caption reads as follows:

We witnessed an angel. Running Man has met an angel today.

Our reaction girl, Solar sent fruit baskets to the producers of Running Man.

It seems like Solar couldn’t hold back her kind heart upon receiving Song Ji Hyo’s surprise gift and ended up sending the producers fruit baskets…

— SBS’s Running Man

| @sbs_runningman_sbs/Instagram

Song Ji Hyo’s act of kindness had netizens praising the veteran stars of doing it right, but Solar’s response also goes to show why she’s so loved by fans.

A sweet exchange between two of the kindest hearts.

Can’t get much better than that.

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