These Milestones Prove That TXT Will Be The Most Popular Group At Debut Ever

Most idols dream of being as popular as TXT already are.

BigHit Entertainment’s new group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) have only revealed four of their members so far: YeonjunSoobinHueningKai and Taehyun.

Despite not even having a full lineup revealed yet, TXT is already one of the more popular boy groups out there.

Their official twitter account has already surpassed 1 million followers.

Every time one of their members has been announced by BigHit, it has immediately started to trend worldwide.

Their official Instagram page has also now hit 1 million followers!

Jin has already endorsed his juniors, asking fans to look after them. An endorsement from Jin is no small praise!

BTS Jin Makes Massive Confirmation And Also Shows Support For TXT

A big reason why TXT will be is so incredibly popular is because they have BTS as seniors which fans hope is indicative of the kind of success they will have.

7 Reasons Why TXT Are Incredibly Lucky To Have BTS As Seniors

It seems like TXT already have a lot to live up to given their impressive following, but we know the boys will kill it despite the pressure.

Here are other reasons TXT may be the most successful group at debut ever, and there are a lot of them.

8 Reasons Why TXT Could Be The Most Successful Debuting Group Ever


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