Netizens Criticize Mnet’s “Evil Editing” Of Lee Chaeyeon In The “Queendom Puzzle” Teaser

Fans are also criticizing Mnet’s exclusion of LABOUM’s Haein.

Mnet‘s newest survival show, Queendom Puzzle, is scheduled to air on June 13, and many fans are already looking forward to the upcoming show after the final lineup of contestants was revealed.

The teaser for Mnet’s “Queendom Puzzle” | Mnet

Fans have already seen the 26 contestants perform two songs, “SNAP” and “Charismatic,” with two teams performing each song.

Given the incredibly captivating and skillful performances, fans have been looking forward to the show more than ever.

Recently Mnet revealed the first official look at the show, and while many fans were still excited…

Fans were criticizing Mnet for how they included soloist Lee Chaeyeon and then excluded LABOUM‘s Haein in the teaser.

Lee Chaeyeon
LABOUM’s Haein

On May 18, it was reported that the two idols, who were initially included in the show, would no longer be competing. However, they would still be included in the show’s first episode, which had already been filmed.

But while fans were expecting to see Chaeyeon and Haein, they are calling out Mnet for using Chaeyeon as part of their infamous “evil editing,” which uses purposely cut audio and video to create “drama.” And yet, simultaneously excluding Haein from any screen time.

In part of the teaser, the contestants have an “Up Down Battle.” Although the rules of this evaluation aren’t shared, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon indicates that the contestants are voting if the performance is “Better? Or Worse?

From the teaser, it appears that while one of the contestants performs, the rest vote them up or down. It seems probable that the voting results determine the contestants’ tier or rank. But some netizens believe that voting determines which concept the members will perform instead, assigning them to “SNAP” or “Charismatic.”

WJSN’s Yeoreum performing her evaluation | Mnet K-POP 
The other contestants voting for Yeoreum’s stage | Mnet K-POP  

During the clip from the teaser, Chaeyeon seems to be voting for WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) Yeoreum‘s performance, except Chaeyeon votes opposite of the first 12 votes.

Lee Chaeyeon voting for Yeoreum’s stage | Mnet K-POP  
Lee Chaeyeon seemingly reacting to WJSN’s Yeoreum sitting down | Mnet K-POP  

Fans are critiquing Mnet’s decision to use Chaeyeon for drama when the idol had dropped out of the show well before the trailer was released.

And many are praising her decision to leave the show.

Similarly, fans are also criticizing Mnet for highlighting Chaeyeon in the trailer while not using Haein at all.

Although many netizens are excited about the upcoming survival show, the reactions to the trailer are certainly mixed.

You can watch the trailer here.

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