Mnet Officially Reveals The Final 13 Contestants To Complete The “Queendom Puzzle” Lineup — Netizens React

From a 10+ year veteran to global idols, the lineup couldn’t be more diverse!

It isn’t long before Mnet returns with its new reality show called Queendom Puzzle.

Unlike Queendom, which focused on mainly groups together, along with one soloist in both seasons, Queendom Puzzle seems to feature individual artists from girl groups competing to form a special unit group.
The teaser for Mnet’s “Queendom Puzzle” | Mnet

On the May 25 episode of M Countdown, the final set of contestants was announced.

Like the previous week, the two teams were split by very distinctively different concepts. The first team was DROP The Beat, and they did their own rendition of the peppy song “Charismatic,” which was performed the week before.

As expected, the members of the team shined and included some huge names like former Momoland member JooE, Rocket Punch‘s Yeonhee and Suyun, Weeekly‘s Soojin and Zoa, and TripleS member Seoyeon.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get enough of the lineup and how well all the idols gelled together in the performance.

Team Athena was next with their rendition of the sexier song “SNAP.” Like the previous performance, all the female idols shined in their own way by showcasing their own talent, visuals, and charisma.

While many were shocked at seeing Dohwa (formerly known as AOA‘s Chanmi), there were other huge and established stars like Rocket Punch’s Juri, former Lovelyz member Kei, Weki Meki‘s Elly, and H1-KEY‘s Hwiseo. There were also some surprises with idols who were in Japanese groups, including former NMB48 member Miru and BNK48‘s former Thai member Fye (formerly known as Faii).

Netizens were similarly shocked about the diverse lineup of the second team. Along with international members, there were some idols with years of experience.

While netizens always have concerns about Mnet, the lineup of talented stars truly shocked fans and will allow many underrated idols to showcase their true talent.

You can read about the first lineup below.

Mnet Officially Announces The First 13 Contestants Appearing On “Queendom Puzzle” — Netizens React

Source: Mnet K-Pop and Mnet K-Pop

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