NCT’s Doyoung Reveals How He Decided On Becoming A Singer

Here’s how he decided on his career path.

NCT‘s Doyoung hosted a live stream on his birthday on February 1, 2021. To celebrate his 26th birthday, he held a special virtual birthday party for fans where he answered questions and read out fan letters. In addition to sharing how he entered the company as a trainee, he also shared how he ended up choosing the path of a singer.

| @kdycutie/Twitter

Doyoung revealed that he had chosen his path right from when he was in elementary school! He had gone to the noraebang with friends and got bitten by the singing bug. Later on, during a cute mother-son spicy rice cakes date, he decided to tell her about his ambitions.

Doyoung shared that his mother was surprised, given that she had high hopes for him to study law and become a judge or prosecutor. As Doyoung was considered a young genius, his mother wanted him to continue down a more academic path.

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Doyoung followed his mother’s direction and studied well, but also tried to step out on his own. In order to convince his parents that he was indeed cut out for more than just books, Doyoung entered as many singing competitions as he could.

The day he handed his mother a department store gift certificate which he won as a prize, was the day she was convinced. Soon after, he was casted by a director at SM Entertainment and the rest, is history!

Catch the adorable admission below.