Netizen Who Accused Former Stray Kids Member Woojin For Sexual Assault Provides Clarification Of Their Claims

One of the netizens took to Twitter to share additional posts.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Former Stray Kids member, Woojin was recently hit with massive controversy when two different netizens accused him of sexually assaulting them at a bar.

In response to the claims, Woojin denied all of them and referred to them as false.

But shortly afterward, one of the netizens took to Twitter to provide additional details of the incident.

In a series of posts, the netizen explained that after sharing their story, the amount of comments they received in response scared them.

They also clarified additional details such as the fact that they’re not Korean, that they were only touched, not raped, and that they never mentioned a name themself, but that they know who they are.

Lastly, the netizen explained that they have no plans to create another account after the deactivation of their current one and stressed they have no desire to reveal their identity as the revelation was haunting enough.

Although no proof has been provided to support the claims, the controversy has yet to die down due to the severity of the accusations.

Kim Woojin's Sexual Assault Accusations

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