Netizens Think TXT’s Yeonjun Looks Like A Mix Of These BTS Members

Yeonjun resembles his seniors.

Yeonjun, the first member announced of BigHit’s new boy group, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) is getting a lot of attention from netizens for his killer visuals.

Netizens are saying that Yeonjun looks like a mix of two members from their senior group, BTS.

People think he looks like a combination of V and Jimin which also doubles as high praise for his visuals!

He is getting compared to a lot of his BigHit seniors as some fans think he resembles BTS’s leader RM as well.

His visuals are also being compared to Eric Nam, the talented soloist.

Here’s everything we know about the first member of TXT so far:

Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s Yeonjun, So Far

TXT's Debut

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