Here’s Why Netizens Are Falling For Kyujin’s Charms As NMIXX’s Center

She’s how old?! 🤯

With rookie girl group NMIXX‘s recent debut, different members are getting attention for a variety of reasons. From Sullyoon‘s flawless visuals to Bae‘s uncanny resemblance, a new member is taking a turn in the spotlight!

NMIXX’s center Kyujin is taking fans’ heart by storm — and rightfully so!

As both a center and the youngest member at age 15 (born in 2006), her unique combination of cute and fierce charms make her an instant stan attractor.

Her skills on the stage are a joy to watch…

…and she’s reminding people of a wide variety of charming idols!

From OH MY GIRL’s bubbly Hyojung to ITZY‘s charismatic Ryujin, Kyujin reminds netizens of all kinds of talented stars.

Check out a few of the clips that show off her talent below!

Have you fallen for her charms yet?

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Source: theqoo


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