Sunmi Had The Sassiest Reaction To Park Jin Young’s Invitation To Be The Next Female Idol Featured In “Groove Back”

Only she would dare!

JYP Entertainment‘s head honcho, Park Jin Young, recently released a new song. “Groove Back” is about finding your lost love and getting back into your groove. He’s been inviting various female idols to feature on his music show performances. Starting with IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung, he later featured Jo Yuri as well. He made sure to thank both girls on his personal Instagram.

He thanked her for her “blinding groove on the scale of Cleopatra from Egypt.” Soloist Sunmi, known to be close to Park Jin Young, couldn’t help but get a joke in. She commented to ask who would be the next girl to feature in his performance. Of course, Park Jin Young jumped at the chance to invite one of his favorite disciples, Sunmi! Sunmi’s reaction, on the other hand, was so sassy and savage.

  • Sunmi: “Who will it be tomorrow?”
  • Park Jin Young: “What are you doing tomorrow?”
  • Sunmi: “Nope.”
  • Sunmi: “I’m busy.”

Sunmi has already featured in one of Park Jin Young’s previous songs, “When We Disco.” Their chemistry on stage is amazing, but we totally get why she said no this time! Thankfully, he managed to recruit OH MY GIRL‘s YooA instead.

We still hope to see Sunmi join him for at least one music show performance before promotions end!


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