Here’s Everything Qatar Prepared To Welcome BTS’s Jungkook

They turned the city purple for him.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently headed to Qatar for commercial purposes. According to Korean media, he was involved in filming something related to the World Cup. The nation took great efforts to welcome him to the country. Here’s all they did to give him the grandest welcome.

According to fans, they sent a private jet to fly him over.

They picked him up in a luxurious car and delivered him directly to his living quarters. Upon reaching the hotel, they gifted him with a huge bouquet.

Only the best was given to him. Security was also top-notch.

They even played his music video for “Left & Right” in the elevators.

He was always surrounded by reliable guards throughout the stay.

They made sure that no one came near him.

The baby prince didn’t even have to walk! Wherever he went, he was always ferried around.

His security detail ran alongside his cart to ensure his safety.

Not just the government, but the people of Qatar also did their best to welcome him. They cheered loudly while still keeping a respectful distance from the star.

Last but not least, the city was turned purple to welcome him! BORAHAEfication, anyone?

| theqoo

Famous landmarks were glowing purple.

| theqoo
| theqoo

The Sheraton Hotel was also lit up in purple.

| theqoo

The entire city worked together to give him the best stay and welcome ever. Although Jungkook is now safely back in South Korea, we’re sure that the trip was one that he would never forget.

Source: theqoo

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