Singer Rain Also Caught Up In Parents’ Fraud Controversy

An online community user has claimed that their family is living in poverty because of Rain’s parents.

Since Microdot’s parent’s fraud case came to light, numerous others have been speaking up to claim that they’ve been victimized by the parents of renowned celebrities.

Rapper Microdot’s Parents Accused Of Scamming Dozens Out Of Nearly $2 Million


Another one of these celebrities is singer Rain. On November 26, an online community user shared a post that was titled, “Singer Rain’s parents borrowed money from my parents and disappeared without paying off the debt.”


The user explained that in 1988, their parents ran a rice store in Yongmun Market while Rain’s parents ran a rice cake store. Rain’s parents allegedly borrowed approximately 17 million KRW in rice and 8 million KRW in cash but didn’t pay off the debt, claiming that they were having a difficult time. The user stated that after making numerous requests to pay back the debt, they pleaded with Rain’s parents to at least pay back the principal. However, Rain’s family disappeared.


According to the user, the victimized parents are currently over 60 years old and they have tried to contact Rain through letters but failed. The limitation period has also passed and there is no other way to be repaid of their debt. In conclusion, the user claimed that while Rain lives a happy and comfortable life, their family is living in difficult conditions because they were not able to receive the 25 million KRW ($22,000 USD) from Rain’s parents.


The user supported their story with an image of the promissory notes that include names and signatures.

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