Rain’s Father Met With Man Who Accused Him Of Not Repaying His Debt

They revealed intentions to resolve the issue amicably.

Rain’s father has met with the person who claimed that Rain’s parents did not repay the money they borrowed.


The man claimed that Rain’s parents borrowed 17 million KRW ($15,000 USD) in rice and 8 million KRW ($7,000) in cash from the family in 1988 and never paid him back.

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Soon after the news was released, Rain’s father contacted and came to visit the man but the two sides were apparently not able to come to an agreement.

“Right after the news was released, Rain’s father came to see us. However, the issue was not resolved and the discussion was put on hold.”

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They could not agree on the amount that would be given. While the man suggested an amount that included the principal, interest and the current market price, Rain’s father had considered only half of the amount. The man also revealed, however, that they intend to resolve the issue amicably through discussion.

“The amount we requested and the amount Rain’s father suggested was not in agreement. We do not want to take legal action. We will resolve the issue amicably through discussion.”



Earlier today, the man had claimed that Rain’s father denied the fact that he had borrowed any money from him when he coincidentally met him about 10 years ago. Moreover, he had tried multiple times to get the money back.

“About 10 years ago, I coincidently met Rain’s father and asked for the money but he said he didn’t know anything about it. After that, I went to his office and sent letters but it was no use. I went to Rain’s house and pleaded with his family only to be rejected.”



Then, the man’s child shared a post on an online community and filed a Blue House petition to explain the story.

“I report singer Rain’s parents.”


Netizens have been expressing various opinions about the news.

  • “So it’s confirmed that he did borrow the money”
  • “Let’s not ruin children’s futures.”
  • “If it wasn’t for the Microdot scandal, they would’ve never been repaid, Rain’s father didn’t even meet him in front of their house.”
  • “I’m thinking it’ll cost them at least 200 to 300 million KRW.”
  • “Do children always have to pay off their parent’s debt? His father should pay it back with what he has…The children would probably help out but asking Rain to pay it off is not right…What if Rain was a poor celebrity? Think about it…”
  • “It’s not like he asked for psychological compensation, asking for the principal, interest and the market price is not asking for too much.”

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