Red Velvet Irene’s Fansign Entry Video Resurfaces In Light Of Recent Controversy

Notice the members’ expressions.

Amidst her recent behavior controversy, past videos of Red Velvet’s Irene have surfaced in online communities where fans are questioning her previous actions.

At a fansign event in 2018, Irene can be seen entering with Red Velvet, wearing a blanket and speaking with a manager.

As she takes the stage, she approaches the middle seat.

Then, members Joy and Yeri enter the stage. The two immediately stop in their tracks and exchange a glance.

Joy and Yeri pace awkwardly, wondering what to do.

Luckily, Wendy enters and decides to take the end seat.

Afterwards, the girls do their introduction and the fansign progresses as normal, but that didn’t stop K-Netizens from voicing their interpretations of the situation.

Some netizens believe it was possible the group had previously agreed on sitting in the order they entered, leaving the other members feeling embarrassed and unsure of what to do when Irene took the middle seat.

Watch the full video of the moment below.

Source: TheQoo

Red Velvet Irene's Attitude Controversy