Red Velvet Irene’s Number Of Instagram Followers Dips In Light Of Recent Controversy

The number dipped after just one day.

In light of Red Velvet‘s Irene‘s poor attitude controversy, her number of Instagram followers has seen a huge drop.

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While many have been criticizing Irene for her behavior, others have also been coming to her defense with their own stories.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

And despite Irene and SM Entertainment‘s formal apology, the controversy has taken a huge toll on the idol.

Irene originally had around 7.82 million followers.

But just one day after her controversy, she lost almost 20,000 followers.

While netizens have mixed opinions about the matter, it appears some couldn’t help their disappointment and ultimately unfollowed the star.

There was concern tha the controversy would negatively affect Irene’s debut film, Double Patty as well, but the producers recently confirmed that it will premiere in 2021 and that the accuser who claimed to be a production staff on the film is not actually a part of the team.

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With additional accusers continuing to arise in the online community, there’s no telling what other damage the controversy will cause.

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Red Velvet Irene's Attitude Controversy