More Staffs And Dancers That Have Worked With Red Velvet’s Irene Step Up To Defend Her

Some of them have worked with her for significant periods of time.

Following Red Velvet Irene‘s recent controversy for her past behavior, many have been polarized. Some have called her out for her rude actions in the past, while others have stepped up to defend her. A new slew of stylists, staff and dancers that have worked with Irene have written posts to rebut allegations.

A stylist for a commercial shoot done by Irene took to Instagram to defend the singer with a simple sentence.

Depending on what your existence is to the person, what kind of person you are also changes in relativity. #ToMeSheWasSoPretty

— Stylist

A longtime choreography director for Red Velvet has also spoken.

Hello. I am Choi Sun Hee, who has been in-charge of choreography direction for Red Velvet, for 5 years now. I am uploading a post as I think that there are too many huge misunderstandings surrounding Joohyun. The Joohyun that I know, is someone that is really smart and overflowing with energy and pays strong attention to detail with regards to her work. As it is a working environment that gathers many people, there will be times where there are differences in opinions. But on such days, she always sends a message first in order to regulate opinions. She is a pretty friend that induces gratefulness and a fighting spirit in me. Whenever that happens, I get the strength to work harder. I hope there are no large misunderstandings with regards to Joohyun.

— Choi Sun Hee

Red Velvet’s longtime backup dancer also defended the singer.

It has been 5 years since I’ve been with unnie. From preparing for the album, to broadcasts and concerts, we’ve been together without rest all this time. Even if it doesn’t seem like she cares, she’s a detailed person that always takes care of the dancers first, every promotional cycle. How many artists would write handwritten letters to each and every dancer that worked with her to convey her emotions? Although I don’t think that I know every part of unnie, as a dancer that has worked with her for a long time, I believe she is a warm person. Joohyun unnie, I am always thankful.

— Irene’s backup dancer

Irene and SM Entertainment have both spoken up about the matter, with Irene issuing a personal apology.

Source: theqoo

Red Velvet Irene's Attitude Controversy

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