Show! Music Core Sends NCT’s Mark On A Mission To Gather 7 Watermelons, Dragon Ball Style

“Now in ‘Music Core,’ something amazing has happened!”

NCT‘s Mark is a huge fan of watermelons, and no one seems to know that better than the music show Show! Music Core.

Mark on set for Show! Music Core. The paper behind him says, “There’s a watermelon farm for Mark at Show! Music Core.

Mark was an MC on the show for one year, leaving in January 2019, but he still maintains a good relationship with the staff! They gift him a watermelon every time he appears on the show.

Mark in the waiting room at Show! Music Core.  

This time, however, Show! Music Core took it a step further and gifted Mark a whole seven watermelons!

Not only that, but they were decorated with star-shaped pictures of each of the members, and numbered in a way that referenced the Japanese anime, Dragon Ball!

They were hidden around the room so Mark had to find them, just like the main characters in Dragon Ball have to collect the seven dragon balls.

Once someone has all the dragon balls, they’re granted one wish. Renjun told Mark to wish to “Please make ‘Hello Future’ a big hit.” With how successful Hello Future was, perhaps Renjun’s wish did work after all.

Left to right: Renjun, Haechan, Chenle, and Mark. 

Haechan, however, wished for Renjun to lose at rock-paper-scissors for the rest of his life!

Haechan punched one of the watermelons and punctured it with his ring, but it was Renjun who split one in half for the members to snack on!

This gift from Show! Music Core would explain why Renjun messaged fans on July 13 that he took one of Mark’s watermelons and that “Mark-hyung wouldn’t know because he has seven” of them.

Though it’s worth noting that fans weren’t even phased by the idea of Mark having seven watermelons all on his own!

| @onyourm__ark/Instagram

Mark posted photos of him holding the watermelons on July 10, the day the group performed on Show! Music Core. He even made one his profile picture!

Mark’s Instagram profile.

Check out the full video below!


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