Actor Simon Pegg Shares The Story Of How He Became A Member Of The BTS ARMY

It’s in large part thanks to his daughter.

BTS has a huge and diverse fanbase, including some of the biggest names in entertainment worldwide.


One of these famous ARMYs is none other than English actor, writer, and producer Simon Pegg! He’s the co-founder of Stolen Picture but perhaps is most well-known for his roles in popular franchises such as Star Trek and Mission Impossible and cult classics like Shaun of the Dead.

Simon Pegg at “Star Trek Beyond” premiere | Diana Pearson for Paramount Pictures

Simon Pegg frequently showcases his love for BTS on Instagram. He’s either listening to their songs or struggling to pick just one bias (just like us).

Simon Pegg’s Instagram Story in which he included BTS’s “IDOL” | @simonpegg/Instagram

He and his family, particularly his daughter Matilda (also known as Tilly), are such big fans that they even flew out to Las Vegas to attend PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. And while they were there, they got to meet the members.

Now, he has shared his personal story of how he became an ARMY in the first place!

Simon Pegg guested on BBC‘s The One Show. The interviewers asked him about his love for boy bands, specifically BTS. 

So, he revealed that he had discovered BTS through his daughter Tilly, a lover of K-Pop. Coldplay‘s Chris Martin, Tilly’s godfather, previously revealed that rap parts in the collaboration single “My Universe” came to be thanks to her.

I have a daughter, Tilly. She’s 13 tomorrow. Happy birthday, Till. She’s very much into K-Pop. She knows her K-Pop inside out. She sat me down… She knows I’m a bit of a grumpy old Indie kid, you know what I mean. I’m a bit of an old rocker. She said, ‘Listen to this,’ and I listened to it. And it was really great.

— Simon Pegg

Tilly is a big fan of K-Pop, but BTS is definitely one of her ult groups. | @simonpegg/Instagram

Although he had different music tastes prior, he became a fan too. By the time BTS held their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts, Pegg was such an ARMY that he was as excited as anyone to see them.

So, we took her to see them recently, and we got to meet them and I was as starstruck as she was.

— Simon Pegg

So, Tilly has certainly converted both her dad and godfather well into the BTS fandom!

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Source: BBCTheOneShow

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