“Single’s Inferno 2” OTP Kim Se Jun And Lee So E Respond To Fans Regarding Their Relationship

They’re still going strong!

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Single’s Inferno 2 OTP Kim Se Jun and Lee So E are responding to fans regarding their relationship.

Lee So E (left) and Kim Se Jun (right) | Netflix

While Se Jun joined later in the series, he became an instant fan favorite, and viewers especially admired his relationship with So E.


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♬ original sound – <3

So, they were happy that the two escaped Inferno together.

Yet, they have all been curious whether they have truly stayed together since the show ended.

Based on Se Jun’s post of selfies, including So E, we can all assume that they are currently dating. Some others comments made by him and his friends seem to indicate it too.

Please show a lot of love to So E~ She’s a very kind kid. Please give her your love.

— Kim Se Jun’s caption

Still, there have been few updates regarding their relationship until now.

An Indonesian fan visited Season 1 contestant Oh Jin Taek‘s tailor shop Ascottage, where Se Jun works. He had the cutest reaction when she told him that there were a lot of Arabtofu (Se Jun and So E’s ship name) fans.

While So E has not been posting a lot on social media, she has been responding to a lot of fans’ DMs on Instagram. Many of the messages have been related to Se Jun too.

She not only said he was “cute” to multiple fans but also hinted that he would attend her upcoming university graduation.

Likewise, Se Jun responded to a fan’s poll, asking, “Is So E the cutest?” He voted, “Yes!” 

Arabtofu nation, we stay winning!

Previously, fellow Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Lee Nadine low-key persuaded So E to spill on her relationship with Se Jun. Read more below.

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