Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Latest “Chan’s Room” Includes A New “Wise” Feature

Fans are grateful but are still hoping for more.

Stray KidsBang Chan is always going above and beyond for his fans, like with his well-known weekly live broadcast, Chan’s Room. Even when visiting his family in Australia, Bang Chan ensured that he could still hold the broadcast, leaving fans endeared by his interactions with his dog, Berry.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

Understandably, fans were concerned when it was announced that V LIVE would be merging with Weverse live, leaving artists like Stray Kids, who aren’t on Weverse, to find alternative platforms to hold broadcasts.

Since the announcement, met with mixed reactions from fans of all K-Pop groups, Bang Chan proved to fans that he would still be holding his weekly broadcast, trying both TikTok live and YouTube live.

As Stray Kids’ official YouTube account has even created a playlist for Chan’s Rooms videos, fans are getting used to the new platform, which hasn’t resulted in too much of a change from the idol’s previous broadcasts.

One concern fans had was that Bang Chan might not be able to play music not from JYP Entertainment artists on his broadcast, although in his most recent broadcast, Bang Chan indicated that that might be changing.

Another major concern was the lack of subtitles, which is an issue Weverse live is also struggling with.

But a feature that seems to have been added to Bang Chan’s latest live broadcast also has fans excited about the change.

Online trolls often make insensitive comments or jokes on K-Pop idols’ broadcasts, which fans have always called out. Bang Chan is no stranger to receiving these kinds of comments despite his kindness in continually holding live broadcasts for fans.

But on the most recent YouTube live broadcast, fans noticed that in order to be able to comment on Bang Chan’s broadcast, you had to be a subscriber of Stray Kids’ YouTube channel.

Although you only have to have been subscribed for ten minutes to comment, which might be too short a period to deter online trolls, fans believe this is a step in the right direction toward making sure idols receive thoughtful, sincere comments.

Hopefully, this feature will also help other K-Pop idols turning to YouTube for their live broadcasts.

Stray Kids

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